Covid-19 Information

The Government of Ontario has issued new operating guidelines for commercial businesses which includes active screening for periods in which London is in a grey, red or orange zone.

To ensure we are keeping everyone safe, all guests of Citi Plaza, including our retailers and business tenants, will be required to answer screening questions prior to entering the premises. During these times, we will have limited access available. Please see below for a list of open and closed entrances.

For your convenience, feel free to take the online screening in advance of your visit. Please show our team the provided “You Can Go” page with today’s date.

Entrances Open

  1. King Street Parking Garage: Monday-Saturday 7 am – 6pm, Sunday 11am-5pm
  2. Clarence St. North: Monday-Saturday 7 am – 6pm, Sunday 11am-5pm
  3. York Street & South Garage: Monday-Friday 7 am – 6pm, Saturday-Sunday CLOSED
  4. Clarence St. North: Monday-Friday 8 am – 4pm, Saturday-Sunday CLOSED